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The Dash x Sally #babysharks turn ONE today!

I can't believe these kids are a year old already. I couldn't be more proud of them, and we're so thankful that they each have such wonderful families.

It seems like just yesterday they fit in the palm of our hands, and now they're pointing birds, swimming, and taking on the world!.

Cheers to their first year, and many more! Happy Birthday, kiddos!

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We've got #puppyfever here at #sureshotweimaraners, and we've got it bad! While we count down the days, very impatiently I may add, let's not forget the #babysharks (Dash x Sally) will be turning ONE on March 9th!

And because no one ever said 'NO' to more #puppypictures, here are a few shots of Sally and the #babysharks to hold us over while we wait! All photos courtesy of the talented Renata Canaday!

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Panzer x Sally puppies confirmed, due March 15, 2020!

Pregnancy has been confirmed by ultrasound! Sally is full of little baby bird dogs, and already taking care of them. She gets plenty of exercise and plenty of rest, and and sweet snuggles in between. We're so excited for these puppies, and can barely believe we have less than 3 weeks to go! Contact us if you're looking to be added to the list.

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